I am Sparta! NOT!


So I’m not gonna lie, this week has been tough, I’m only on the second week of healthy eating and I am craving chocolate like you wouldn’t believe! The banana bread with zero sugar I endured every breakfast last week has been replaced this week by home-made healthy breakfast muffins which are packed full of whole grains, fruit, seeds and all things good and are bloody disgusting! Probably should work on my baking skills! I’m not sure how much more bland diet food I can take! Give me a crumpet oozing with butter and covered with Nutella immediately! No, I must not cave, it’s only the second week and so far I’ve lost a grand total of 1 lb a lot of work left to do!

So, last night was Friday night and being that I am attempting to train for Tough Mudder UK in October, me and the boy decided to go do a workout. No hangovers for us tomorrow, only body hangovers, cos this workout is gonna be killer, killer because it is an arms work out and the only thing I lift is a shopping bag!

We started with a little warm up and man did we need it, gyms are bloody freezing! So we ran for 10 minutes on the tread mill and I noticed a little pain in my left calf from the previous work out, weird! Next was this weird contraption, I don’t know the technical name for it but for the purpose of this story I will call it the “I can’t quite do chin ups so this little lift thing can help” So managed to do 4 sets of eight on 20 Kilos, I’m pretty sure that’s rubbish but we’ve all gotta start somewhere eh! Next we went into a studio and did some abs exercises, I found these pretty easy actually apart from the odd burning sensation lol. We had a little game of sit up and catch a heavy weight ball which nearly knocked me out at one point, I swear boys forget we are girls sometimes and not bloody Spartacus!

The last thing we did which was the worst bit of the whole work out started off with some small dumbbells,  lifting them outwards from the side which was ok, then we did a really simple thing, lifting our arms out to the side and doing small circular motions. It appears easy but omfg I actually thought my arms were going to fall off! needless to say, I threw in the towel shortly after. I currently feel utterly useless at weights, but unless I can build my strength up I am never getting over The Berlin Walls!

Gym done, we headed home…..starving may I add and with no food in the house the temptation was all too much to resist…. Damn you chicken burger and chips with ridiculous amounts of mayo! There goes the bloody diet plan!

Next stop cardio session and 2 mile run on Sunday, God help me!!

N x

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