Training with boys…


Oh my goodness, when I decided to sign up to do Tough Mudder 2014 I hadn’t quite realised what I was letting myself in for…. The event itself seems a doddle compared to the hell I am enduring training with two bloody men, why are men so god damn competitive?  I have never come away from an exercise session feeling more unmotivated than before I began. Not because I was shit, well, I was, but that’s besides the point, but because I didn’t realise we were running in a race! Obviously I was in last place! Boooooo, so how is it I can run on the treadmill solid for 25 minutes but I can’t run on pavement for 5 without needing a break! This shit is crazy! I understand that the treadmill is no comparison to real running but god help me, I thought after three sessions at the gym I might have improved from last weeks run, with barely no sleep the night before and a ruddy hangover. Nope! Still rubbish! I can barely run 2.3 miles without feeling utterly exhausted. At least Tough Mudder is only 10 miles…. Oh wait, new information today tells me it could be up to 12! Gooooooood! So I can currently not even run 1 mile solid, I am so screwed! At least there’s 32 weeks left to get better, there’s still hope for me yet!

In need of some motivation, Help!

N x

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