Whining is for the weak…WOMAN UP!


People say that if you drink loads of water it will show on your skin, the same is usually said for eating healthily. So why is it I’ve gone from eating utter junk and having the best complexion to eating healthily and here come the spots? I hope this is just a phase cos at this rate ill be back on the take aways next week!

So I’m having a couple of days break from exercise to let my body recover a bit from the weekends training. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday isn’t bad for my first week back at the gym eh?

Yesterday after my proper run, I couldn’t stop sneezing and figured after having gone my whole life without hay fever that it must have got me finally. It had to be that, I’ve only just had a cold, my immune system is usually really good.
Today came and I have been sneezing my arse off all day and have barely left the house. Definitely a cold!

I did some reading and supposedly women who start training can end up with an iron deficiency which can lead to coughs and colds whilst training, so I’m gonna get me some vitamin tablets and hope it improves. It’s so hard to workout with a cold, everything is 10 times harder, not to mention I’ve got a 9-year-old to run around after whilst studying full-time at university for a degree. So as you can see, Illness is not an option! Just gotta push on!

Been pinning motivational fitness quotes on Pinterest all day. I need something to spur me on…. Flagging 😦


N x

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