No pain, no gain.


Two days of rest after my first week back at the gym after two years was just what I needed. The aches and pains of the three gym sessions last week and run on Sunday have all but vanished today, thank god.

So I spent most of Sunday and Monday sneezing and feeling very sorry for myself but I must say by Tuesday it was gone! I have never had a cold that lasted two days! Odd!

So I went for a cardio session this morning with the intent on pushing myself a bit. I figured that since my run on Sunday was a bit of a fitness disaster that I needed to build up my hill running.

I set the tread to an incline of 1, I know it’s pitiful but I’ve gotta start somewhere, right? So I managed to run on a speed of 9.5kph for 20 minutes until my stupid bloody stitch finally got the better of me! I’m not sure whether it’s because I ate breakfast before I went, only two weetabix may I add. I so wanted to manage a full half hour but I’m just not there yet, ill aim for 25 minutes next time.

So after doing the shortest cool down ever cos I thought I was about to die, literally, I got my breath back and took my bright red, dripping with sweat self and went on the cross trainer.

When I used to go to the gym before I HATED the cross trainer, it was literally the bain of my life and it made me want to give up the gym.
Not now, I think I’ve figured out the key to the cross trainer…. Don’t go on it first!

After being fully warned up from the treadmill I actually found the cross trainer quite pleasurable. I managed 40 minutes on a random setting with lowest intensity levels of 3 and highest at 9. I caught up on a program on Netflix and finally threw in the towel after 40 minutes, because having set it at 30 mins it would only let me add an additional 10 minutes without starting it again.

That is the most amount of cardio I think I have ever done! Pretty proud of myself. Not to mention I ended my session with 10 minutes of rowing then walked another 30 minutes this afternoon to pick my little one up from school and back.

I’m not gonna lie… I am f&@ked! Lol

But as they say… No pain, no gain!

N x

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