Chocolate…you bastard!


Going cold turkey on chocolate was a bad idea, I didn’t just relapse slightly, I completely caved under the pressure. Today I have a hangover….. a food hangover, last night after dinner I ate some Haagen Dazs Belgium chocolate ice-cream. I have to shamefully admit that I went a little further than that and ate half a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk too *holds head in shame* Clearly I do not yet possess the willpower to stop myself from eating it. The cravings, oh the cravings! I have been so hungry this week, not shopping for healthy food was a mistake as this week I’ve had to put dinners together quickly, which has resulted in them not being particularly good for us. All I can think about right now is FOOD! I want PIZZA, INDIAN, CHINESE, BURGERS and CHIPS, oh and lots and lots of cheese!!!!!

Hopefully this feeling will pass….. next week im back on the green tea, maybe that’s why I not doing so well. Shame it tastes like washing up liquid! Why cant healthy things taste good? Saying that, my healthy home-made soups are delicious but I appear to be the only one in this house happy and willing to live off of vegetable soup. I bloody love vegetables, I reckon I could be a vegetarian, except for the bacon! I do love a bacon sarnie… god, now all I can think about is bacon! Must stay strong! The things we have to do for health eh!

On a more positive note I upped my speed on the tread mill at the gym today, I managed 10 mins at 10mph, 5 at 9.5, then another 5 at 10 again. Only 20 minutes so I wasn’t particularly good at all…. The girl next to me was defo doing better. I took a sneaky look at her machine as I walked past to go on the cross trainer and saw she was running at 11mph. Annoying, but for all I know she could have been going to the gym for a year. Must learn to concentrate on my own work-outs and not get disheartened by other people’s. She carried on running for about another 15 minutes as well which was really annoying lol. Oh well, I’ll get there some time, at this rate not anytime soon.

Today was really hard, I went to bed quite late last night and did not want to get up this morning. That and not eating anything before I went definitely impacted on my energy levels. At least I’ve learnt something for the big Tough Mudder event. Get lots of sleep the week before and eat a good breakfast otherwise I don’t stand a chance.

Dreading next weekend, stupidly signed up to a three-mile run, the boys pressured me into it. I am hanging after our just over 2 mile run which I’ve only done twice so far. I’m gonna be running with a load of strangers as the boys are faster than me so will run off and leave me *sad face*

Weight training tomorrow night, Saturday night at the gym…So rock and roll, that’s dedication!

I’m soooooo hungry!!!!

N x

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