It’s your ass, move it!


Today is a good day!

After a week of lethargy and bad food choices I am finally feeling positive again. Could be the Berrocca kicking in or it could be that I managed to run just under 4 miles yesterday morning and I’m feeling good!

I won’t lie, whilst I was doing it I hated it, I wanted to give up, I had a few breaks, a couple of stitches and almost a temper tantrum at how far the boys made me run but I did it in the end. The boys ran off at the last mile without me as they kept at my pace the whole run, but I managed to stay just behind them and unlike last week where as soon as they were out of sight I used it as an excuse to walk, I didn’t this week. I actually kept up the jogging pace, at times it felt like I was barely moving but it was certainly quicker than walking. It was a challenge as our usual runs are just over 2 miles, it was better this week as we ran through woodlands rather than on roads. Dodging mud was fun and got me in the spirit for Tough Mudder which is only 7 months away, eek!
When I got back home my calves had seized up, it was a weird feeling and left me walking like I’d crapped myself until I stretched them out. Needless to say, they are fine today, no aches! My body must be getting used to this exercise.

Weighed myself this morning, annoyingly I weigh about 3 pound more than last week but I’m putting it down to the fact that girly time is on its way. I’ve decided to stop caring about weight loss, because it is no longer about that, it is about being fit, healthy and giving my body the foods it needs to recover. The body I want will come with time, just need to be patient. It’s not like I’m fat anyway, I only weigh just over 9 stone and I’m 5ft 6, and the wobbly bits are beginning to show signs of improvement.

So, weirdly for the second week in a row, the run has given me a runny nose and the sneezes. I bought some hay fever tablets yesterday but nothing seems to have changed so far, so I’ve opted for vitamin C supplements as well as lots of fruit to see if it is related to a lack of Vitamin C. I will let you know if the situation improves. Supposedly this is quite a common thing for runners.

Next week is our big 5K, well its only a fun run but I hope to improve on my run time which is currently about 10 minute miles, so this week consists of more training at the gym and lots more Berrocca.

I’ll leave you with my motivational quote of the day…


N x

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