No rest for the wicked!


So only about 5 weeks in to my training program and I am so happy with my progress so far. I managed a 5K run at the weekend, yippee! I ran the first half with my sister at her pace which was actually enjoyable, I didn’t kill myself in the process and was able to have a conversation with her while she slowly died beside me ha. In her defence, doing a 5K for your first run in a year and a half is pretty mental lol.

So we went round the course once and it was time to do it again to finish the race, I have never seen my sister so gutted, she thought we’d finished! So she decided to throw in the towel for the second loop leaving me to go it alone as the boys were far ahead already.

I managed to go from pretty much last place to over taking about 19 people, a couple of which were part of some kind of running club, a couple of little kids and their parents and a few struggling lard arses (shouldn’t judge, at least they are doing something lol)

So good news is after a very slow first lap I managed to do 5k in 36 minutes, coming 19th from last place ha, and all this from barely trying! Woop!

Watching people run in front of you is really good motivation to spur you on, and I did it all with no music, which made me sad but I don’t think the organisers wanted you to run with music but a few people did this time.

Music really helps, a little bit of Linkin Park – Numb to bring the fighting spirit out of you when you feel like giving up is the ideal thing! It’s all in the mind that’s what I say, my body can do it but my mind doesn’t always want to.

I am really excited to see how fast I can do it this Saturday!

Watch this space…

N x

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