Run day fun day!


So today I made another attempt at a 5k organised run…

First I scoped out the competition who were running up and down in preparation whilst I unhappily examined the vast amount of marathon t shirts on display. No sign of any non-professional runners today, not many kids and no lard arses in sight! Great! Defo gonna be last today!

The first lap was ok, took a while to find my pace and get my breathing right. From the word go my stupid iphone didn’t play my music and I didn’t really wanna stop to fix it. Had to run a mile or so with no music, then I got really hot in my fleece (it was freezing this morning) and decided to stop to take it off and finally sort my music out. Annoyingly I lost about a minute off my time for doing this! Grrrr.

Oh well, so jogged along, slowly being over taken by what felt like everyone! Arrived at the half way point to be completely lapped by one dude who finished his whole run in about fifteen minutes! Fml!

The second lap wasn’t too bad, it felt like we were right at the back but I think everyone had just found their comfortable pace and stuck at it. I kept up what felt like a slightly faster than walking pace for the last 1.5 miles, with no stopping! Woop!

There were hard bits uphill but I managed to stay in the zone with help from the Neon Trees album!

A few “Well dones” and “your nearly there” from a cute, over enthusiastic child volunteer and we were nearing the end. Forced to push the pace at the last minute to over take a small ginger child who had way more stamina than us at the last post and we finished! I came 114th out of 159 runners, 26th out of 55 girls all in 30 minutes and 45 seconds, about 4 minutes faster than last week! Not bad, I congratulated myself with a Snickers, 2 for 1 lol.

Now to rest and contemplate doing a five mile run tomorrow…. Bloody mental!

N x

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