Sweat like a Biatch!


When you walk into a gym and it’s already hot you know the work outs gonna be hard, I swear I have never seen so much sweat in all my life!

So I’ve officially got the exercise bug, I mean, don’t get me wrong while I’m doing it I know it’s hell but as soon as I reflect back you’d think I had loved it. It’s a bit like giving birth, you know it’s bloody hard yet you still go back for more, and seem to forget how hard and horrible it was at the time.

I decided after doing 5K at the weekend that I was basically a professional runner and set myself up for an epic fail on the treadmill. I’ve only just managed to get to 11mph and not comfortably, yet I decided to put it up to 12, it killed me, I only managed 5 minutes at 11, 5 minutes at 12 then back to 10.5 and was literally about to vomit! I couldn’t even manage a proper cool down. I felt very defeated since I usually do 25 + 5 for a cool down. Gutted.

I decided to go all out after and do 40 minutes on the cross trainer to make up for it. The sweat was pouring and I keep forgetting to bring a bloody towel! I felt like I could carry on forever after that though.

I read an article on Twitter the other day about the benefits of the rowing machine and decided that instead of my usual 10 minute stint that I would do 20. It was pretty good, I wasn’t out of breath but I was shattered and my bum was killing after all that cross trainer action! Had to stop half way through for a drink. I had a bottle and a half of water while I was there, I swear the air con was broken I’ve never been so hot!

I got up after and could bearly walk, you know that dizzy overworked leg feeling where you kinda feel like you are spaced out, well I had that and was expecting major pain today but nothing except a serious neck ache which doesn’t seem to be shifting! Also looking at new trainers cos my ankles are beginning to give me grief 😦 there’s me thinking I could do no running for years then start up again injury free, dream on Nikki!

A 6 mile run Sunday is looming, I swear these boys are gonna be the death of me!

N x

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