Runners bad luck!


So this week has been a bit of a bleak one for exercise, I’ve managed to hurt my ankle somehow. I think going from no exercise to all the exercise was probably to blame.

So this week has consisted of icing my ankle, no running and sporting an ankle support just to use the cross trainer. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve hated not being able to run 😦 I’ve felt very envious of the people on the tread mills at the gym and I missed my first run in about 6 weeks last Sunday. Was pretty relieved though as a slightly heavy night the night before left me feeling less than ideal lol.

This weekend we are doing our Saturday morning organised and I can’t wait. This is gonna be a tough one as I don’t feel like my fitness will be up to scratch because of my ankle and having not ran this week. Saying that I’ve still managed at least an hours cardio three times this week. I just really wanna beat my time! Less than 30 minutes and I’ll be a happy girl! I have a 10K to run in June and I need to get prepared, may have bitten off more than I can chew.

So had a little mess about in a woodland park today, had a go on some monkey bar type things and attempted to jump over some high logs and I’m utterly useless so that’s good. I pushed a few weights yesterday and killed my arms! Was only picking 21kg, pitiful!

I am pretty scared for the first time about the obstacles, I just hope my upper body strength and agility improves or I am in big trouble!

Feeling less than optimistic 😦

N x

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