Nothing beats a PB!


Last Saturday was the park run 5k run and for those of you who don’t know what the Park run is its a series of free 5ks all over the country to try and encourage everyone to get up, get out and get FIT. It was only my third run but this week I was really excited because after stopping mid run last time to adjust my music, I was sure I could beat my time.

Leaving the house at 8am it was pretty cold but the feeling you get when you cross the finish line makes the early morning start well worth it.

This week after making a mistake last time and having to waste time taking it off, I decided not to run with a jacket. I also made a last minute decision against all my best judgement to leave my water bottle on the grass and run without. Fail!! I will never do this again, lesson learnt. A very thirsty first 1.5 mile round and I have never struggled so much, I was convinced I was doing really badly as I was really out of breath, more than usual. I hadn’t managed to run in a week as I had ankle problems but luckily it didn’t hold me back at all today. Armed with a fetching green ankle support I was good to go.

Second half after grabbing my drink I had all but lost the boys, who had run off so far ahead I wouldn’t see them again until the end. A less than ideal second half consisted of me being over taken by most people whilst trying to relieve my stitch and not give in to the voices in my head telling me to stop. The voices won, I stopped twice for a few seconds and a third to tie my lace (I can’t tell you how glad I was it had come undone, another excuse to stop, yippee!)

Nearing the final stretch and having convinced myself I was definitely going to be slower than last time I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. A little boy of about ten with an illuminous yellow bib on ran beside and in front of me with the words 29 written on the back. Omg yes, I had forgotten today we were running a pacing race and here was this little ray of sunshine to give me hope and the last push I needed to finish the race in a better time. I ran with him for the last ten minutes slipping behind him at the final hill… I gave it everything I had and crossed the finish, I basically spent the next five minutes catching my breath.


The end result was that I managed to beat my time by 1 minute 34 seconds, and achieve a PB!!! All thanks to the little pacer who basically saved the day!

I finished the 5K in 29 minutes and 9 seconds and came 29th place out of 57 women, 154th out of 247.  Not bad considering I’ve only been doing this running malarkey for two months! Not to mention I managed to run 4 miles solid two days later! Go me!

On the way to being ready for Tough Mudder in October,  can’t wait, now to work on my muscles 😉

Until next time…

N x

2 thoughts on “Nothing beats a PB!

    • Aw thank you, it’s a start I guess lol but I managed two five mile runs this week in under 40 mins so Defo an improvement. Park runs are great I’m so pleased I found them, they are run by volunteers so everyone is so nice and they really spur you on its a great feeling 🙂


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