It’s all paying off!


I’m really proud to say that I managed not one but two 4 mile runs in one week this month, after only doing the odd 5k here and there. It appears that all the hard work is finally paying off! It’s so exciting when that happens.

This weekends training consisted of running at a steady pace for about 5 miles, stopping in between to do a little bit of rock-climbing for upper body strength, running up and down some steep steps and finally ending with a sprint up a really steep hill! It’s safe to say I think I may be at least as fit, if not slightly fitter than the boys! I don’t know how this has happened but it has. I put it down to my new ability to push past the misery when running, I have tricked my brain into carrying on when it gets tough.

After the really steep hill the boys were extremely out of breath but I made them do another two laps of the steps! Ha! They were cursing me I think but it just goes to show how far you can push yourself.

I spent today at the gym, getting back into the spirit after a couple of weeks of just running outside and no weight training. Got back into it with a 25 minute run at 10kph on an incline of 1, which is a vast improvement on last time I think. I could have carried on but it was the hottest it has ever been in there and I was sweating buckets. Next I did a bit of the chest press, I am utterly useless at it, I only managed three sets, the first one at 8, second one at 6 and the last one at 4. By that point my arms couldn’t even push one!

Next I had a go on the pull up machine, managed 5 sets of 8, not sure what weight it was on but it felt pretty difficult, found it much easier than the chest press though.

I think I’m gonna push for a 5 miler on Thursday, I’ve just started using the Nike running app, it’s so good, it tracks your pace and mileage etc. It’s really cool and tells you every mile what your pace is per mile. I think my best yet was just under 9 minutes. Still a fair bit of work to do with the 10K Race for life coming up at the end of July, but I’m confident I can do it in under 54 minutes. Faster would be a bonus, we shall see.

No where near ready for Tough Mudder yet, especially with all the new obstacles they’ve thrown in, but that’s another post 🙂

Until next time…

N x

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