New Nike kicks!


Yesterday was super exciting, why? I hear you ask… Because I got some new trainers!

Gone are the days I get excited by 6 inch heels, I am now getting excited over a pair of Nike Dual Fusion running trainers. But, these aren’t just any trainers, these are “Volt” coloured, and in Nike language that means fluorescent yellow! They are fab! I basically scheduled in a run yesterday just so I could try them out. I walked around indoors for an hour or so and decided that I was gonna keep them even if they were uncomfortable because I loved them so much!

Took the new kicks out for a test drive, they are so bright it would have been impossible to miss me running past. I tried to tone them down with black leggings and a grey and black T-shirt but with my bright blonde hair as well as fluorescent trainers I was less than hidden from the public. In a funny sort of way I think the trainers deserved to be seen 🙂

I don’t know what it is with me at the moment but I have an unhealthy obsession with fluro colours since I started training, anything bright and I want it! I’m now searching for a fluro yellow sports bra which will match my new, bringing back the 80’s running bum bag! Yep, I purchased a bum bag! It has two handy zip pockets to put keys or a phone in and a bottle section so I don’t have to carry my shit anymore thank god. The less I have to carry the more I can focus on running.

So anyway, with my 5K complete my feet felt great, the whole time I felt like I was running on spongy springs. I won’t lie, when I first put them on it felt like I was walking on hard platforms so I had my doubts, but they definitely performed for a 5K, well at least by my Nikki standards! see below 🙂 (Please ignore my stripy, turtle socks)


The funny thing about these trainers is they are actually junior boys trainers, but because I’m only a size 5 they were available in my size which made them half the price of the adults ones! BONUS!

So yea, this is a post dedicated to some pretty awesome kicks!

N x

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