Is summer here… FINALLY?


The last two weeks have been great, university is over for the summer, the sun is out, life is great!

Last week I had a really good week of exercise/runs, I managed to fit in 2 5ks, a 5 miler, a 10k and two weights sessions! My first 5k was a run I like to do near me and although I didn’t manage to do it in a personal best ( I put that down to all the side roads I had to stop at) it was still a good run. I decided to up my mileage to four miles the week before so felt ready to move it up a notch to five. I did it at a comfortable pace of 10 minute miles and had my first enjoyable run experience! The sun was out, my neon yellow trainers were on and I was feeling good, I managed to run it in 53 mins which isn’t fast but I managed to complete it without stopping ! Go me! I had a rest day the next day and did some assisted pull ups, arm weights, chest press and knee ups whilst holding on to a bar for some ab work.

The next day, feeling slightly ill having caught a cold from my daughter I decided to do a mid day 10k in 22 degrees! What a mistake that was! I will never run in the middle of the day again it was so hot, no breeze what so ever! Sweating buckets but still managing to make it half way I didn’t feel amazing but knowing I had gone half way and I could now run back I was feeling better. The three miles back were fine actually and I finished the run in 1 hour and 6 minutes! My furthest run so far, see below 🙂


The six miler the day before our timed 5k park run was a mistake, my calf was in agony the next day and I woke up feeling so ill! I was snotty and felt like i was gonna throw up and could only stomach half a weetabix before the run.

Bad news is the run was horrendous, I hated every second cos I felt so ill, pushed myself way too hard but good news is I was 10th out of 50 women, 88th out of 143 and only 8 seconds slower than my PB and I put that down to the fact my phone strap hell off my arm mid run and I had to stop to get it! Go sick me! Lol

I am yet to find out if I have improved since the last park run three weeks ago as being ill and having not fuelled up or rested the day before it’s difficult to tell. I hope next time I can do better though, I really wanna smash my PB and show the top runners that you don’t need to be part of a running club to improve!

We shall see…

Until next time… Keep motivated, it’s worth it in the end!

N x

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