National PB week!


So last week was National Personal Best week (apparently) and last Sunday I could not have been happier, I completed a 6.29 mile run in 1 hour, 6 miles completed in 57 minutes comfortably with no stopping!

The last six-mile run I did my average pace was 11.05 per mile and today it was 9.40! Last time it took me 1 hour 6 minutes so I managed to knock 9 minutes off my over all time and 2 minutes five seconds off my average pace per mile. Smashed it and all the while running at a comfortable pace without stopping the whole way! I was ecstatic!

But…. with the highs come the lows, I went for a run a couple of days later and could only manage four miles šŸ˜¦ I was dehydrated and have had a niggling pain in my left ankle ever since the run. It’s really difficult to pin point where it is but after much googling I identified it as the navicular bone. To the touch it was a bit tender but only really becomes a problem when I walk/run on it then it’s this annoying pain which becomes difficult to ignore when running. I decided to be safe and stop running for a week to give it a chance to heal. Back to the ankle support I think as even cross training the other day irritated it.

The weathers beautiful and it’s killing me to not be able to run šŸ˜¦ I’ve realised just how addicted I’ve become. Weight training, although good and important for Tough Mudder, just doesn’t do it for me!
I’ve also realised that I have a chance at being quite a good long distance runner. Sprinting just isn’t for me I don’t think!

Another week of no runs to go but at least I have Women’s Fitness to keep me company!



Until next time with hopefully some more great runs under my belt and with some sexy new 80’s/90’s inspired cycling shorts to run in! lol


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N x

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