Damn my bloody foot!!!


Bad news is that I still have an undiagnosed foot injury which I made worse last week by doing a three mile run when it clearly wasn’t better…

My advice to any new runners with injuries, rest it and ice it every few hours, I did this with my last ankle injury and it heeled really quickly. I’ve lengthened my injury time by running on my foot when it wasn’t ready and I am guilty of not icing it very much this time. This isn’t entirely my fault, we are moving house in two days and I’ve spent the last few weeks packing boxes! Plus I’m not one for sitting around doing nothing, I just can’t! Next week I plan to rest my foot a lot though.

The good thing I’ve noticed since the weathers been good is my runners tan which is appearing! Getting a tan whilst running is so much better then sunbathing which I find mind numbingly boring!

Fingers crossed my foot will be better soon as it’s really starting to get me down 😦 there’s the 10K Race for life in July which will be my first official 10K and I really wanna do well!

Four months til Tough Mudder! Eek!

N x

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