Move over Arnie!


The annoying reality of exercising is the constant need to weigh yourself /check your self out in the mirror after every session to see if that six pack you so desperately seek has appeared like some kind of miracle… Well, I have been in a cycle of this since I began running/gyming and have been disappointed at the lack of six-package going on! How long does it take anyway? I’ve cranked up the exercise the past two weeks after a pitiful two weeks of zero gym or running for various reasons and have thrown myself in at full speed. I went three times last week! This is good for me! lol

You see, the reason for this is not only to get myself fit enough to take part in Tough Mudder in October, but to achieve a personal goal I set myself on my 29th birthday (last year) This goal is to get in the best shape I have ever been in by the time I reach 30! So far I have managed to abolish the wobble from my bum, my legs are solid but they still don’t look really toned and I am yet to see the muscles on my stomach I have been working my absolute arse off for through the small layer of wobble which just will not go! To conquer this I am on a strict healthy eating mission from now until August 8th, as I will be spending a weekend on a beach in Newquay and I want to look awesome! I will do it!! It’s week 2 and with the help of the My fitness pal app I have managed to stick to it!

So, as well as my quest for six package I have also been on a worlds strongest woman mission, by this I mean in order to do any of the strength challenges at Tough Mudder I needed to improve my upper body strength dramatically, so I have been using the chest press machine at the gym and have been doing assisted pull ups as well. These are body changing exercises on their own but since I wasn’t aiming for arms like Arnie, I have neglected to notice the change! It appears after noticing I am now the proud owner of a set of not too shabby female guns lol


So some exciting news is I am running my very first official 10K this month, Race for Life! Can’t wait, although I am a little gutted as I’ve just found out that they do not publish results unless you are in the top 10 so am a little disappointed my name won’t be anywhere. Will have to use my faithful Nike running app! Hopefully they will let me strap it to my arm! I’m hoping for under an hour but I still have a dodgy foot so won’t be expecting miracles! I did however accidentally manage to run nearly five miles yesterday when I only set out to do a 5K. This is what happens when you run a new route and get yourself lost lol. Hopefully my navigational skills will improve in time for Race for life lol.

Until next time, just remember, no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch!

N x

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