Back in the game!


So, it’s been a quiet month for me, there’s been very little exercise due to my foot injury so instead I’ve been busy turning 30! EEK! Even more reason for me to keep in shape as it’s all down hill from here ha! Good news is I went back to the gym last week and ran for 10 minutes on the tread with no pain at all! It seems that the five weeks rest and recuperation for my foot has finally worked. Even more exciting I managed a 4 mile run on Saturday! Yippee!!!! The first couple of miles were horrible but then I really got in to it and could have gone on for ages!

Just in time may I add as in a months time I’m taking part in the Butser Hill challenge! Am I mental? Which basically consists of running 6 miles up and down a huge steep hill! I’m terrified as I don’t want to trip and plummet all the way down lol and in my experience of hill running it’s very difficult to run down hill! Oh well, it is not called a challenge for nothing so we will see how this one pans out!

A little update on the chin ups progression, I can finally do one! Yippee! Theres real proof at lol. Only two months until Tough Mudder and after doing the ALS Ice bucket challenge this week I am now dreading arctic enema even more!! Argh!

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N x

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