Improve your distance and the speed will come…


Sorry I’ve been a bit vacant the last few weeks its because I have in actual fact been running as much as I can now my foot has finally healed, yay!

I’ve done a couple of not too great 5k runs a few weeks ago, one was a quick paced but not ridiculous. One I managed in 31.16 and the other was a flat out trying to smash the time and get a PB which after running the first 2 miles at 8 minutes something I flagged at the last mile and ended up with a 30.16 again, how ridiculous is that? At the end of the week I got an 8 miler in which was tough and I don’t think I was ready for it. I also ran it a bit too fast. I made it in 1 hour 25 minutes which I think averaged it at 10.45 per mile which isn’t particularly fast but it isn’t very sustainable for me on a long run. I didn’t feel great after because I had to stop a lot.

Last week ended in me accidentally stubbing my toe (not my big one) and either really badly bruising or breaking it as it went all shades of purple, yellow and green. This meant I had to have a day off running. It actually didn’t hurt to run on and doesn’t now so maybe it wasn’t broken after all!

This week began with me getting a cold and not having the energy to run Monday. I tried again Tuesday after eating too much for lunch and running too soon in 23• heat in the middle of the afternoon. You can imagine how it was going to end can’t you? I had also done a weights session in the gym in the morning which had zapped my energy completely! I only managed a poor 2.22 miles, then did an extra 0.66k when I realised I was still a good fifteen minutes walk from home.

Wednesday I had a day off but Thursday however ended considerably well. I managed a relatively comfortable 9 miles! My longest run ever! My stupid phone however decided to die on me at 8.5 miles so I could only log it to that point. I did 8.5 in 1 hour 33 minutes which averages to about 11 minute miles. This was deliberately slow as I’ve learnt that long runs are supposed to be at a comfortable talking pace as it’s less about the speed and more about time spent running and endurance. This is fine by me as I despise speed work!

The first 5 miles were really enjoyable, despite the significant amount of hills I had to run up. I just thought to myself the run back will be a treat! I used the art of distraction to get over the boredom of the running and began looking at the beautiful houses and sights in my village in the South Downs. I got to 5 miles and had the crazy idea to do 10, then I realised I was being an idiot as I hadn’t even ran 9 yet. The run back wasn’t so great, it was quite boring as it was the same route back and not a circular route. I began to run out of energy and at 6 miles I hit the wall. I also got feeling of the dreaded runners belly! If you don’t know what it is you can imagine. I was still 3 miles from home but just had to push through with only 10% battery life left to log my run I had to turn off my music which made it even worse. I could hear my breathing which was horrible, but it made crossing the roads a lot safer. 0.5 miles from my 9 mile target I had to turn the stupid phone off and run back as quickly as I could with the grumbling of thunder clouds above me!!! I managed to make it in time as then the heavens opened. How lucky was I?

Then we arrive at today, a short, sharp 2.12 miles of a circuit we began our training with to see how much we had all improved. I began it at the boys pace which meant it felt horrible, I was out of breath, coughing and spluttering and I was convinced I was doing terribly. I got to the first mile mark and I had smashed it! My new 1 mile PB in 8.40! In the process I had also smashed my 1K PB at 4.56 PB. This was great, the next mile was a little slower, fluctuating to at my slowest 9.38 which is still faster than my usual fast pace of 9.40 which is a push to keep up for too long. I finished the circuit in 19.35 which gave me an average of 9.14 per mile. If I was doing a 5K would have brought me in at 28.51 which is actually not a massive improvement on my 29,09 PB back a few months ago!

Oh well, at least my distance has improved greatly just need to add another 3+ to be ready for Tough Mudder which is so close now its scary!

So to summarise if you improve your distance the speed will come, just painfully slowly! damn!

Until next time,

N x

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