Inspiration – Motivation – IRRITATION!


I wanted to introduce you all to a website I have become addicted to, I have spent the last couple of weeks hooked on. It is called The Running Bug, Its a super friendly community of runners from beginners to absolute pros. On the site you can get advice on anything running related in the forums or read posts from the sites running experts. You can log your running miles and get encouragement and support from other “bugs” its so good, I love it! It has really inspired me to push even harder and I am really starting to progress even further towards my goals.

Anyway, enough about that, I wanted to share today’s run with you. I have managed to smash out an 11-miler!!! Yep, you are as shocked as me I’m sure. I was aiming for a 10 mile run but having not hit any walls, metaphorically speaking, I felt good enough to carry on, so I did. I averaged at 10.37 per mile with my fastest being 10 and my slowest being 11.29. The whole run finished in 1 hour 56 minutes and 55 seconds.

The worst part of the run came at around the 5.5 mile mark when it began to rain, and not just a little drizzle, it hammered it down! I managed to shelter myself for a lot of the run under some trees as luckily my running routes are all in the countryside so I was very lucky. I decided today to opt for an audio book as opposed to music for a change and so I had previously bought Mickey Flanagan’s radio 4 show audio book from ITunes. I must have spent my whole run with the biggest grin on my face ever, desperately trying not to laugh to myself and look like a massive running weirdo! Anyway, it was awesome and it comes highly recommended. It lasts about 1 hour 50 mins so is perfect for a really long run. It really did help take my mind off the boredom of running, so that can only be a good thing.

Going off topic a little, one thing I wanted to mention to you all and I wonder if you have encountered the same things whilst running. So when I run, even though I am clearly very preoccupied, not to mention I have my head-phones in, I become a local guide. Twice now I have been stopped mid-run and asked for bloody directions. I can only assume that people think since I run everywhere I know everywhere but can I just clear this up, If you are one of these people then please stop! Not only does it mean us runners have to stop our run mid flow but it also stops our running GPS and just generally interrupts everything, and chances are we won’t even know the place anyway. So maybe just ask a dog walker next time as they may have more time on their hands!

Another thing I have noticed, and this is a nice thing is being acknowledged by other runners and/or cyclists. Its a mutual respect thing I think and it makes me feel really nice 🙂 So if you see another runner/cyclist, give them a smile!

Another gripe, cars that make you stop at a junctions! Now I’m not saying I expect every car to wait for me as I am special but just a little understanding of how annoying it is to have to stop mid-run and wait for a car/van to pull out of a junction when they definitely could have just let you go first. It really annoys me! I guess its just one of those things you can only understand if you yourself are a runner, or have run before.

So here is a little bit of advice to non-runners to ensure you can make our lives a little better whilst on a long-horrendous run.

1 – Please don’t ask us for directions! Just don’t!
2 – If you could be so kind as to let us cross the road before you pull out in your car, it would be greatly appreciated.
3 – If you can hear our heavy breathing/coughing/spluttering behind you, please move to the side of the path, we A – Don’t want to run into you and B – No one wants to have to run on the road risking their lives in the process to avoid running in to you.
4 – DO NOT BEEP AT US! (White van man!) Its scares the crap out of us and is bloody inconsiderate. Save it for the less sweaty/more attractive girls walking down the street.
5 – Do not stare! We are aware we are a sweaty mess, don’t make us feel bad, at least we are doing something about our love handles.

Do you have any running or fitness gripes? I would love to hear them. Comments below!

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Until next time

N x

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