You ran how far?!?


Today is Monday, the start of a new week for most, but for me it’s a well earned rest day and the end of the most triumphant running week I’ve had to date.

I’ve been really eager to post but I have had a very exhausting weekend so I thought I would wait until today and brighten up a very dull, grey and incredibly rainy Monday and share my achievements!

My running week began on Tuesday with a short 4.17 mile run, ran with little enthusiasm and a serious lack of energy for some reason! I’m noticing a pattern emerging on my Tuesday runs! It has to be something to do with my weekends junk food consumption and/or lack of decent sleep.

Anyhoo, disgruntled and de motivated I sat out Wednesdays run in favour of chocolate and self-pity. As you can imagine Wednesday evening I had the guilts so I decided to go all out Thursday and get a long run in. My furthest distance to date was 11 miles, I had gone from 9 to 11 bypassing 10 miles completely until today’s run which ended up as a…. Wait for it… 13.1 miles!!! I only went and ran a bloody half marathon distance. So today I am going to share this experience with you…

Lets set the scene, music’s on, I’m pacing myself comfortably, getting up the hills a lot better than usual and even manage to speed up a little to power through them. I’m comfortably reaching nearly 4.5 miles and I get to the beginning of a horrendous hill. I know it’s horrendous as I’ve ran it before so I mentally prepare… It’s about 1.5 miles of horrible hill but I’ve conquered it! I am now further out than I’ve run before as I’ve decided that if I run half way out then I’ll have to run back the full distance so this is what I do, I don’t tend to loop. I’m hitting the 5.5 mile mark and the road is going on and on… And on! I know I still have a little way to go before I can turn around and run back so I just carry on. I have now hit the wall, the wall being an even steeper hill which is so steep it appears even the cars are struggling to get up it. I instantly remember I have the same distance to run back! Oh god! But, what goes up must come down and it does, it’s a nice little trip back down to get my energy back and I manage to conquer the wall and carry on. I’m getting pretty bored by this point, I’ve changed albums about three times. I’m getting closer and closer to home which gives me hope and then I hit 10 miles… I can just about push myself through the 11th mile then the pain kicks in. By this point I have been running 2 hours solid, my hips are seizing up and my left arm starts aching for some reason. My energy has all but disappeared into a salty pool soaking into my t shirt. I am now having to stop every now and then to stretch out my legs and hips just so I can carry on. I am in a lot of pain and I realise I wasn’t ready for it, mentally I was, but not physically. I pretty much drag my sorry arse the last two miles telling myself I hate running and I will never ever run a marathon! I am defeated, but when I reach the final 0.11 I know the ordeal is almost over.

I hear the familiar sound from my Nike Plus app, 13.1 miles completed, time 2 hours and 16 minutes. Then it kicks in, the happiness, the elation! Nikki, you have just run a half marathon and you only started running 6 months ago! I now know I can run a mile more than Tough Mudder so in my eyes I’m ready! I cannot believe what I can do! I hobbled back home in quite a lot of pain and took some Ibuprofen instantly.

The next day came and the pain had all but faded from my memory. It’s Saturday which can only mean one thing, Park run! I ended up smashing my 5 month old Park Run PB by 1.20 finishing in 83rd place but 8th place female runner, in 27.48. No new 5K PB but the exact time I ran my quickest ever 5K in. I smashed two records achieving my fastest mile in 8.10 and my fastest 1k in 4.40. All this and I ran a half marathon the day before.


I am astounded at what I can put myself through, I have, needless to say spent, Sunday and today relaxing with no pains or injuries ready for tomorrow’s run! How lucky am I?

I managed to clock up a massive 20.38 miles this week in just three runs!


It is officially 20 days until Tough Mudder and I think I’m finally ready!!!!!

N x

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