Run to the moon!


This week marks the beginning of a new challenge…

This challenge is not for faint hearted and certainly not for the fair weather runner. For this you need to be not only dedicated but motivated, hydrated and waterproofed as this challenge requires stamina and more importantly, high vis gear and a love for all weather running. Be gone the sunshine only day runners as this challenge will take us to the moon! The moon I hear you say? From The Running bug HQ, we are being asked to unite as one running community and as a collective to run the distance to the moon, 238,855 miles in 7 weeks all in aid of Great Ormond Street. What could be a better reason to get out there, get running and show your true running spirit by taking to the streets in the cold, wet weather, in the dark of night. Do you think you have what it takes to help log the bug miles to add to a final total? Don’t forget to log your miles at by signing up and joining the fastest growing running community on the net! What’s even better is the first 1500 to contribute 50 miles win an awesome prize just for taking part! Yippee!

Stay safe!

Don’t forget, always run with a partner if you can, wear your high visibility gear, head light if you need it and stick to routes you already know well. Keep your headphones off for this one and keep your wits about you. Don’t forget to log your miles at by signing up and joining the other bugs!
Run to the moon challenge – Day 1:

Today was raining, it was a battle of wills to get out there and run, it really was miserable out there. It’s the very first run I have done in which it was actually raining outside before I started, usually I get stuck about 5 miles out and have to run back in extra fast speed to avoid a complete soaking. I never actually avoid a soaking but at least I’ve learnt a lesson, never run without a waterproof jacket if you are doing a 10 miler!

So, I’m all dressed in my new Karrimor long sleeved zip top and a waterproof jacket. I have avoided wearing sleeves so far as I get so hot but it has been so cold outside this week that I really didn’t fancy catching a cold. A couple miles down the road and I did get a little hot so I took off my waterproof jacket and carried on. 5 minutes later it was back on again as it poured down, luckily I wasn’t far from home, oh wait! 2.5 miles out, good! I carried on regardless, raining spitting in my face, buses and cars passing this crazy runner, “Who the hell runs in the rain anyway, these runners are bloody obsessed.” I’m sure they were thinking. I’m at the 5K mark and I’m only about a minute short of my PB and it hasn’t been particularly hard, this is a good thing. A mile or so after I start to think that maybe I could beat my 10K PB. The hope was quickly dashed when my arm strap kept falling off which was winding me right up, note to self: Get a new arm strap!

I decided to avoid the hill *Holds head in shame* and take a country road detour away from the main road in a bid to 1-Make it easier, 2-Increase the distance a little so I could actually do a 10K. The first idea back-fired once I realised that the whole stretch was pretty much an uphill route. This then slowed me down massively and then it happened… I really needed to go to toilet (Number 1) I was desperate, so I stopped behind a bush and went. At this very point I completely understood the Paula Radcliffe moment at the London Marathon. Obviously mine wasn’t quite that and I wasn’t running a marathon or anything but it was a necessity, and I couldn’t avoid it. Never having coffee that close to a run again!

Off on my way having lost a couple of minutes, my Nike app stopping and starting as it pleased and completely ruining my chance of beating my PB I kind of lost the will. My ankle began hurting a bit and finally I got home and it had kind of seized up. The run itself was a pretty reasonable 5.4 miles at a not too shabby 9.45 per mile but it should and could have been better.

The main thing is I got out, got running and clocked a decent 5.4 miles towards Run to the moon so I can’t complain 🙂

Tomorrow is another day and another few miles towards the challenge! #runtothemoon

Keep on pushing!

N x


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