Run happy!


Yesterday was the day it finally came, possibly the most exciting package I have ever received…

Hello Mr Postman!

Nope, I didn’t go on a big online girly shopping spree and I wasn’t waiting for some new heels because in case you didn’t realise I am a runner now which means I only get excited about purchases related in some way to running 🙂 What is more exciting to a runner than heels? Trainers of course! Trainers and HIGH VIS!!!!


Brooks running

So today my amazingly big parcel from Brooks running came and inside the huge package was my gorgeous new Glycerin 12, bright pink, silver and black neutral running trainers. The first moment my foot touched the spongy soft inside of the trainer I felt like I was walking on a marshmallow, I was instantly in love!


These are the second pair of brand new running trainers I have owned but after purchasing my last Nike pair based on looks alone, I was glad that these were as comfy as there are as they look amazing too.

Run to the moon!

In addition to my beautiful new trainers this little bundle of joy featured a full nightlife kit so I could safely continue my Running bug, Run to the moon challenge. The kit consisted of a new pair of black running tights, the Infiniti tight III to be precise…

Leggings and trainers

The Nightlife essential jacket III in black and yellow


Nightlife long sleeved hoody complete with thumb holes for added warmth


and the Nightlife short sleeved T shirt.  In addition to this I also received some reflective head, arm and leg bands for added safety and a super cool, mega bright LED trail runner II headlamp from Silva which I can’t wait to try out.

I have a slight obsession with high vis clothing, I don’t know what it is about it, I just love the glow! ha!


So, I was all kitted out in my new gear it was time to head to The Fareham crusaders running club to test it all out…

The weather shall I say, was less than ideal, it had been raining most of the day and as I went out the door there was a glimmer of hope. The rain stopped for about five minutes but as soon as I got there it was raining again.. Oh well, a wise crusader once said ” Its not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to run in the rain” and so we did! It gave me a chance to test out the new jacket anyway 🙂

Interval training

The session every runner dreads, or is it just me? After a tough intervals session last week I was less than enthused by the idea I’m not gonna lie, but having learnt along the way that without intervals I will probably never get any quicker and not fancying the idea of a 4+ hour marathon time I decided to go with it!

After a little speed test, for some crazy reason I ended up in the middle speed group, god knows how, but was faced with being one of the slower members of the group. We began with 15 seconds of speed work then the same as recovery time and it gradually increased as the minutes went on to the point we were running faster than threshold for two minutes at a time. This was officially the longest 10 minutes of my life!

The final part of the night was by far my favourite and that was a kind of relay race with three mixed ability members. I decided to go first to get it out the way (by that point I had given all I had or so I thought) I was in a line of very fast runners, mainly men in a quick lap around the car park and back to the next person.

Sports day!

Running fast seemed easier than earlier, I loved it! All my childhood memories of school sports days came flooding back, I reminisced to when I used to beat anyone in a race, even the boys! When I got back to the next person I realised I definitely didn’t come last and I’m pretty sure I even managed to beat a boy or two 🙂

I had forgotten how much fun it was to race, I want to do more!!!


Yep, this is me around 1992, who wears leotards to sports day???

When I think about how much I used to love running and how good I used to be I feel really annoyed that I didn’t carry on, who knows where I could have been now if I had. At least I have a mini-me to train and she cannot wait for me to get her some kit and take her out with me, mini-crusader!

Get your kit on!

The final verdict on the kit was it was awesome! The trainers were super comfy all through training but a little slippery in the rain and leaves. The jacket kept me warm and kept the rain off, the hoody was soft, comfortable and gave me a little shelter from the rain and kept my hands warm. The tights were really comfortable and allowed me to move easily. All in all 10/10 for the brooks nightlife kit!



Intervals were great (Not at the time) but once I hooked up the Garmin I was able to see that I had actually managed a best pace of 5:06 and kept my speed work in the region of 6,7 and 8 minute miles so I couldn’t be happier.


Big thanks to the team at FCRC (James, Kirsty and Ian) for the session, without the Crusaders I would certainly avoid intervals *Holds head in shame* and would have definitely walked some of that. Now feeling really inspired, my next goal is to keep to 13.1 miles but ramp up my speed so that I can actually start thinking about becoming a front runner one day! One can dream!

It might be cold and miserable but get your high vis kit on, get out there and keep running! You will love it after and will only regret it if you don’t, its only a little rain!!!

Until next time,

N x

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