Hell no, it is definitely winter, I’d been sat in my single-glazed 200 year old cottage freezing my bum off all day and I really didn’t want to go outside, least of all in thin layers, to run on one of the coldest nights so far!

photo 2

Against every instinct in my body I decided to go, club night! I couldn’t resist! It’s shamefully become my only run of the week due to university work overload so I couldn’t miss it even though it was how you say Baltic outside! Brrrr!

photo 3

The groups were explained and there seemed to be one designed just for me! Thanks James! So, of course I decided to go for this one! This was the 50-55 minutes for a 10k group which would be a weekly thing on the run up to the Stubbington 10k in Jan, which I forgot to enter! 😦

With a mixture of faster paced running and some speed work it was really good. The hill runs were a killer, me and hills are not friends! Running with a group of people really helps spur you on when you want to give up and believe me, it happens to me a lot! Iron will? Noooooope! Unfortunately not, but with another classic James quote in mind “You can either have excuses or results” I went for the latter!

photo 5

After a 2 mile warm up and some hill runs so we were exhausted we next aimed to do 1k in under 5 minutes. This part was to challenge us as when reaching a halfway point in a 10k you can lose steam so this would hopefully give us the kick we needed to smash the second half.

The first 1k I think I made it in 5.05, second was under 5 and the third i don’t think was timed and my Garmin failed on me. Really need to figure out how to use it properly before a run! So all in all pretty successful!

photo 1

The last thing we did before our final run back to the centre was lamp post sprints, which entailed sprinting two lamp posts and recovery back to one or two… I forgot which one! Then repeat repeat repeat until we were all so knackered we couldn’t go anymore!

It was great! I got to chat and get to know a few more crusaders while bonding over our utter exhaustion! It’s definitely nice to talk to people who love running as much as you do and I even forgot how cold it was after a while!

Feeling the crusader love tonight! Can’t wait until next week!

photo 4

Until then,

Wrap up and get out!


N x

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