Twas the week before Christmas… RNLI Santa run 14th December 2014

running santa



Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the town,

a rainbow of red, green and blue all around.

Hundreds of Santa’s all ready to run,

and a couple of turkeys to join in the fun.

Santa runners


The Santa’s were grouped and ready to begin,

not phased at all by the icy cold wind.

The rain will not hold these Santa’s up,

It’s time to get running, not time to give up.

start line

 The children were jogging just like they were told,

“I can’t run anymore, it’s a little too cold.”

“Let’s play a game,” I said, “Go chase that turkey,”

So off they dashed all happy and perky.


After a minute or so we only saw smiles,

though the turkey was ahead by miles and miles.

The children didn’t mind, they had found someone else,

A lady in pink “we can catch her” they shout.

steve running 

By mile 2 we were racing ahead,

Having stopped and then sprinted again and again.

With the little one happy and finally warm,

she gave me her hat, her beard and her shawl.


 The drums were sounding, so close we could see

“Sprint finish” I said ,and my daughter agreed.

She dashed to the finish and out came the sun,

with her first race over, I am one VERY proud mum!

Us all


Massive thanks to the guys at the RNLI lifeboats and Believe and Achieve for an amazing event, free Santa suit and awesome goody bag for a great cause. Money well spent!

Until next time…

Have a very merry Christmas and I will see you all again in the New year! 🙂

N x

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