No rain, no gain!


Hi again,

New year new blog post and todays is all about my first Park run of winter.

The alarm went off at 7.30am and I was awoken to the sound of rain hitting the window. Why is it every time I plan to run a park run it rains when it hasn’t rained for weeks?

It was a cold, dark morning and at that moment I couldn’t think of anything I would like to do less than running a park run In the middle of a country park in the rain and mud, so I opted out! Half hour went by and I couldn’t shake off the guilts, you may be familiar with this feeling, its the feeling you get after you decide not to run when you planned to. I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing out and the feeling got so strong that with 10 minutes to spare before I would have to leave I decided to do it! 10 minutes to get ready is a new record for me! It was a special Park run, as my club The Fareham Crusaders were going to support one of our team members (Tom Swift) on his 100th Park Run, I had to go!

8.55am and with five minutes to spare, I arrived at the Havant Park run to be greeted by some very friendly, familiar faces and our signature burgundy and yellow team vests, it was a nice feeling! After giving Tom a big cheer and a guard of honour introduction we were off, at the back of the crowd. It was boggy, I’m talking serious mud and puddles and they couldn’t be avoided. I made the mistake of trying to avoid one but unfortunately was pushed in at the first turn. Brilliant! We won’t mention names (Mark) but he knows who he is! ha! Wet trainers for the rest of the run, goooood! It felt like Tough Mudder all over again!

It was a very difficult run, the puddles and mud made it almost impossible to over take so I gave up on my dream of beating my PB and opted for a steady run instead. The wet, over-hanging trees made it feel like it was constantly raining and half way round a massive drip went straight in my eye! I was thinking to myself at that moment why I thought it a good idea not to wear waterproof mascara. This was a decision I would later regret.

Having lost most of the club at the beginning, I managed to keep on the tail of one crusader who later disappeared into the distance like all the rest. Also being over-taken by children is not the best thing for personal morale but I have come to accept these occurrences on Park Runs lol.

The dreaded hill wasn’t half as bad as usual today which hopefully means James intervals and hill sprint sessions are paying off! However I didn’t enjoy the hill the second time around as other runners on my path meant I was forced into the puddles for the whole stretch! Kind of refreshing but kind of horrible at the same time, I couldn’t decide which, probably more the latter! But, what goes up must come down, or at the very least even out and it did, once you reach the top of that hill at Havant you know you are nearly home free. I found the energy at the last stretch to push on through. The crusader cheers at the side were a real nice touch and I managed a little sprint finish 😉

Now, I have come to accept certain things when running, your hair is likely to look crap, you will be sweaty and red faced but I draw the line at panda eyes, this is one embarrassment I cannot face! Damn you drippy tree!!! So after a little banter, laughs at my expense and one team photo taken, that was the end of my first Park Run of winter, and probably my last…


I came in at 29.27, just under 2 minutes slower than my PB of 27.48 but in todays conditions I am happy with that. 10th place female out of 55 and 69th out of 153 runners! I’ll take that and run 🙂


Big well done to the rest of the Crusaders who absolutely smashed it, and a huge congrats to Tom Swift on his 100th Park Run, who came in 7th place overall with an amazing time of 20.57!

Until next time…

N x

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