Mix up your run!



For the last 9 months, as I have made my transition from unfit to amateur runner, I have naturally began to surround myself with other runners. If I’m not actually running, I am usually talking about running… and if I’m not talking about running I can be found on my computer researching running or self diagnosing my running injuries on Google (Not recommended!)

There are many exciting things associated with running, medals, races, meeting new people as crazy about running as you or in some cases even crazier,  but for me, one of my favourite things about being a runner is testing out new running gear! This week I am going to be testing out my beautiful new running kit from Asics with the intention of showing you guys the importance of mixing up your runs.

photo 1

During my training I have learnt just how important it is to mix up your runs, from short speedy 5K Park Runs to that lovely comfortable 13 miler on a Sunday, I love to mix it up!

But why mix up your runs I hear you ask?

Well, for starters, mixing up your run means different muscles will get used, helping you avoid overstressing your body and because of this you will avoid injury. As a runner, this is one of the most demotivating things to deal with, and it can set your training plan back weeks or even months! Finally, you will increase stamina, if you are desperate to knock minutes off your 10K then mixing up your run is the way to do it!

How I mix up my runs…

Do a short, fast 5K – I find the best way to encourage myself to participate in speed work is to take part in a weekly Park Run, I am so competitive with myself that I always go with the intent on beating my PB and they really are fun!

Run a medium paced 10K – If you are comfortable running a 6 mile distance then ramp up your speed a little, don’t kill it, save that for your park runs or interval training. Give yourself a consistent pace that is slightly out of your comfort zone.

Run a long, comfortable distance – This is my favourite run, I really enjoy distance running and of course its always really nice to take a nice easy pace and just log the miles. Start at your comfortable distance then build it up SLOWLY! If you do it too fast you will get injured, I learnt this the hard way.

To run successfully, you need the right trainers, so this week I will be trialling my new Asics women’s Gel-Glorify trainers to see what they are really made of!

photo 3

Check back tomorrow for my very first run in my gorgeous new kicks!

N x

Don’t forget to hash tag your runs on the Asics and Intersport #MixUpYourRun campaign and follow me and the Mix Up Your Run team on Twitter!














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