“I really regret that run”… Said no one, ever!



As you might know, this week I am trying to mix up my runs, so after a comfortable club run on Tuesday night in my new Gel Glorify trainers I decided to go out alone today to take them out for speedier spin! Being as I’m currently injured and feeling ever so sorry for myself and was a little short of time today, I decided to run a short distance of just 2.3 miles.

I had a nice run in the countryside……


taking in the sights….


with the Intent on testing out not just the trainers but my beautiful new Asics kit!

photo 1

The first thing I noticed about the kit was just how comfortable it was, the trousers were light and easy to move in and the T shirt fitted like a dream, with a really soft fabric.


As it was absolutely freezing today I also wore the jacket which was probably my favourite item! It was not only warm but breathable and had a nice stretch to it which I wasn’t expecting, it was comfortable and I could move freely, perfect!

jacket face

For me, I want value for money in my trainers and although the Gel-Glorify trainers are designed to be perfect for long distance running, I particularly liked these as I happen to think they will be great for both! Having not tried them for a long run yet, I was pleasantly surprised to find they are good for short distances too and have been great for my last two short runs.

photo 5

I have recently found out that I am what you call a “stomper” you can hear me coming a mile off! Luckily for me, because the Gel-Glorify have an inbuilt gel cushioning in both the front and the back of the trainer, they were great for me and my stompy feet, and they really helped with the foot to pavement impact, and were pleasantly bouncy! My only issue was my toes kept going numb, but this could be the artic temperature, so cold that even my phone couldn’t cope and turned itself off. The only other time it has done this was at the very top of a snow capped Mount Snowdon! Brrrrrr! Speaking of cold weather, I wish someone would invent some kind of thermal bum patch for my running tights, as it seems to be the only place I get really cold!

Summer may be far away but I have decided to try to bring a little sunshine in my life with another pair of trainers…. My eyes actually lit up when I took them out the box yesterday and I think I may have even squealed like a little girl.

photo 7

photo 3

As you may already know, I have an unhealthy obsession with high-vis and these Asics 20th anniversary Gel-DS 20 trainers are to die for!!!!


Even the soles are pretty!


My next run will be a short, sharp interval session in these little beauties and I will let you know how they feel. In the mean time, don’t forget to mix up your runs with a mixture of speed, short and long runs and don’t forget to let us know how you are getting on with the #MixUpYourRun

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Until next time…

N x


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