Its a hill….Get over it!


Tuesday night was club night with the Fareham Crusaders, and I was very excited to test the waters in my new gel DS 20!

photo 7

20th Anniversary special edition!


They seemed particularly fitting as they are high vis and that’s exactly what I needed on a night run.

Not only that but they matched my other high-vis gear which made me happy! I am a fashion student after all 😉

First thing I noticed were the Gel DS 20 were a lot lighter in weight than the Gel-Glorify and much less chunky visually, which was more my taste for trainers.

photo 1

Being as I am rather heavy footed and can usually hear myself stomping, it’s nice to feel like you wearing something so light-weight.

The run

I decided that after an easy run last week due to leg pain that I would push it a bit in the 9 minute mile group. Now don’t get me wrong, I can run 9 minute miles but can I run it for 5 miles without stopping? No I cannot! I was pretty scared when I joined this group as there were none of my usual group, this led me to the conclusion that this was gonna be a tough one, and what the hell had I done?

I wasn’t wrong… the run mainly consisted of some truly hideous hills, one in particular which seemed to go on forever. The truth is, when running alone, I am pretty rubbish at pushing myself up a hill without stopping, but tonight it was different, surrounded by some faster runners in a group I was definitely the slowest member in, kind of gave me the push I needed. Its ok to be the slowest though, we all have to start someone and it meant that I was pushing myself harder than I usually would in a slightly easier group.

The first mile was a nice 10 minute mile, the pace was ramped up a tad for the next two which came in at between 8.30 and 8.45 per mile, Jesus! I was thinking, every time I checked my Garmin, as if 9 minute miles weren’t hard enough! I managed to push through the pain, but unfortunately the hills got the better of me and I slowed down at the last couple of miles until I was basically last. With a little motivation from Jim our club leader and a back marker, I was able to push the pace a little and even overtook someone at the last stretch! Yay! I wasn’t last after all! Phew! Where the hell I found the energy to pick up the pace I don’t know, I guess I just saw the finish point and wanted more than anything to get there as soon as I could! This was my motivation, and this is the same mind set I have when running a race, I just want it to be over so I can rest lol

After getting home and checking all my run stats, I was pretty pleased with the results…. I am edging that little bit closer to an 8 minute mile…

clubrun hills

Back to the trainers… The fit is a little on the smaller side, I am usually a 5 and mine are a 6 but are a little snug, so because of this I would advise getting maybe 2 sizes bigger to enable you to wear thicker socks. The toe area is quite padded too which makes them comfy but a little restrictive for my wider than average feet, this resulted in slightly numb toes.

The gel in both the front and back meant my feet were well supported, so after a 5 mile run, the trainers were still comfortable on my feet, with no rubbing or blisters in sight!

A little less bouncy than the gel-glorify but perfectly adequate for a shorter distance run 🙂

Final verdict…

Show-stopping design – I am a sucker for high vis and it’s nice to swap my pink trainers for something less girly.

Great support for stompers like me and no blisters! Yippee!

Its great to have such a good choice of trainers, I have my Gel-Glorify for longer runs, and my Gel-DS 20 for shorter runs, so it enables me to mix up my runs with the right footwear for the job.

To purchase any of these products just visit


If you want to know more about why it is essential to Mix Up Your Runs, click here

In other news….

I visited the physiotherapist for the very first time on Wednesday after experiencing constant aching in my legs. It was an pain I was unable to pin-point to a particular area, which made it almost impossible for an everyday GP to diagnose. In fact, I was told my muscles were tight and as you’ll see in my earlier post I got a sports massage to try and ease the muscles a bit. Although it was good for my muscles, it didn’t stop the pain and this is how I ended up with an appointment with a physio.

After a stack of questions, and a half hour analysis of my leg movements, I finally got some answers from a brilliant physio named Dominic Dentry. It turns out the pain in my leg is caused by nerve irritation stemming from my lower back. Running had aggravated the area and sitting in an awkward position for hours on end doing uni work had just exasperated the problem.

Prescription – less mileage on softer ground to minimalize impact, a few exercises to do each day and better sitting habits, should see me getting better in a few weeks.

For the time being I am stuck with just a few 5K’s, but then hopefully I can get back to the longer runs, my favourite runs, I really miss them 😦

Until next time…

N x

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