Fit breakfast!


Since I began running nearly 12 months ago, I have had to change many aspects of my life, but of all the things I have had to get to grips with, I have found nutrition possibly the hardest to comprehend. This isn’t because I don’t eat my vegetables or because I live off takeaways, it is simply the issue of trying to figure out what to eat to fuel not only my recovery but my work-out to begin with.

Without going into too much detail about running nutrition in general, as it’s not exactly my forte, I thought I would share my experience and thoughts on the most important meal of the day, breakfast!

I have had a few breakfast fails on my journey, I’ve learnt that too much fibre before a run can have disastrous effects, shall we just say “runners belly” and leave it at that! For me personally, Weetabix and coffee were the worst choice before a run, mainly because of the amount of fibre in Weetabix. But, many would tell you that this combination works well for them. It is all about finding out what works for you and your body, and getting the best possible fuel for your own performance.

With this in mind and with a little input from my amazing running club, The Fareham Crusaders, I have compiled a list of the top 5 breakfast foods to eat before a run or race, as voted for by The Fareham Crusaders Running Club.

Number 1 – Porridge with banana and honey

This was the winner hands down with the highest percentage of votes. As recommended by Paula Radcliffe herself, the slow release energy in porridge can’t be beaten, perfect for long runs in order to keep a consistent release of energy. Other varieties recommended were Porridge with dried fruits such as raisins, or with blueberries and honey.

Porridge with banana

Number 2 – Toast with peanut butter

Taken from Ex-Olympian Liz Yelling who recently visited our club, this proved a popular choice with the crusaders, having tried this myself its definitely one of my morning favourites as it’s easy to stomach on nervous race mornings. Stick to wholemeal bread and natural nut butters.

toast with peanut butter

Number 3 – Bananas and coffee

A firm favourite with the club, especially if you can’t quite stomach porridge in the morning, bananas on their own come highly recommended. Coffee was repeatedly mentioned, but in my experience don’t forget to give yourself enough time after your cuppa for the after-effects!


Number 4 – Muesli or granola cereal

Again, a popular choice and possibly my favourite of all after trying Lizi’s granola! My favourite is the original granola with milk or Greek yoghurt. It comes in quite a few different varieties including handy “On the go” packs, perfect for runners in a rush, no milk required!


Number 5 – Fruit and yoghurt

Perfect for runners like me who have a small appetite in the mornings.

fruit and yoghurt



If you don’t like the look of these breakfast foods, why not try some of my unusual alternatives…

Don’t knock them until you’ve tried them…

Banana and peanut butter on toast


Healthy banana and coffee smoothie

coffee banana smoothie

Why not dip your toast in your porridge?!

toast porridge

Banana and peanut butter slices

bananaand peanut

Finally healthy peanut butter and banana muffins from Sallys baking *rushes out to shop to buy ingredients immediately* peanutbutterbananamuffins

What do you eat for breakfast? #fitbrek with your own breakfast ideas!

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Until next time…

N x



Photo credit – Sally’s baking addiction.con

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