The Helly Hansen catwalk

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So, I’m currently looking out my window on a dreary raining day feeling sad that I’m stuck inside working not running…


but fear not, tonight is club run night and I’m on it like a car bonnet, sun or no sun!

Things have been a little rubbish on the running front as of late.. I visited a physio last month after unexplained aching pains in my leg and I found out I have nerve irritation caused by lower back problems. This is due to a mix of running and sitting too long working on my computer! I gave myself 3 weeks break from running to hopefully sort it and after a few back stretches which gave me back pain I kind of gave up! I followed the docs orders and tried to move about often instead of sitting too long doing work but due to an overload of uni work I’m back to sitting for hours uncomfortably and the leg pain is back. Don’t feel sorry for me though, its my own fault! So, currently in slight pain I have decided to write my blog, also giving me a break from a seriously dull research project.

On an exciting note, I have just finished the Helly Hansen Catwalk campaign for The Running Bug, I was lucky enough to test out some beautiful new running clobber…




I love love love my new kit!!!!



Not warm enough for these babies just yet!


I also got to film a little video of myself and why I think its possible to look good whilst sweating it out!

The clobber even made it out to Ireland to celebrate St.Paddy’s day!



On the way up Knocknerea!

Next month sees me take on my second half marathon (The Southampton Half) of which I am scared but excited, just need to up my milage so I’m ready! Roll on the summer holidays #30yearoldstudent

Until next time, keep on running!

N x

To get your own Helly Hansen running kit visit




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