Things that annoy me on a run!

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Things that annoy me on a run!

Through my experiences as a runner, I have realised that despite my best intentions, not every run is a good one! Different factors affect my performance from day to day and in my case probably more things annoy me on a run than would annoy most people. These annoyances also affect my performance.

For the sake of comedy value, I wanted to share my list of most annoying things to happen to me on a run, in no particular order.



I haven’t worked out what causes them yet, somebody told me it could be low salt or dehydration, so if anyone knows of the reason I would love to know. In my personal experience I have definitely learnt that eating too close to a run is a huge contributing factor, yet I still haven’t learnt from my mistakes… *Munches on a hotdog half hour before run and wonders why she’s close to vomiting after a mile*

Unexpected hills!


Sorry to all of you hill lovers, I am not one of them, and especially when I am not mentally prepared for them. Take my example here, I set out to do a 13 mile run on a new route, without taking into consideration the disgusting incline at the half way point! Dead for the rest of the run!

Spotify doesn’t work offline!


If you are anything like me and need music to motivate you through-out your run, the most annoying thing is when the stupid app loses signal and no music plays! I live in the countryside, this happens a lot, and even more so lately when the offline system doesn’t appear to be working like it used to, sort it out Spotify!

My arm strap keeps falling off!


I could be completely alone on this one but my Velcro constantly pops off and my strap falls off relentlessly through-out my runs. This especially happened a lot last year when I was training arms for Tough Mudder, I think my muscles got too big for the strap *move over Arnie*

Garmin loses signal!


Are you kidding me???? So should I just stop? Or run when it’s not even recorded? I’m so confused!

I need the toilet!


Whichever it may be, I am miles from home and desperate! Great!

It starts raining!


The weather forecast said blue skies yet I’m 10 miles from shelter, not wearing my waterproofs and it’s bucketing it down. Help!

My ears have popped!


This is something I have suffered with ever since I can remember, after tweeting about it on UK Run Chat I have established I am not alone, aside from stitches this is the single most annoying thing to happen to my body. I just love the sound of my own heavy breathing, brilliant!

Numb toes!

Running is, alas, a particularly strong trigger for asthma.

Is this a lack of space in the toe area of my trainer or just badly fitting shoes, whichever it is, it’s yet another thing which annoys me! Grrrrrr!



Yep, I’m pretty sure I didn’t have that pain when I started, gooooooood!

I am lost!


I decided to be brave and try a new route, it seemed like a good idea at the time now I am running on a 60 mile an hour, single-track country road trying to avoid getting run over! Scary! To make matters worse I can’t get a GPS signal to tell me where the hell I am and I have added several extra miles to my run in order to get home! Ha!

This one has happened to me on several occasions. *Note to self – Take a running buddy with me next time I try a new route, for safety purposes*

So, those were just a few of my running annoyances. I would love to hear about yours? 🙂

Tweet me or comment below to add your own.

Until next time,

N x

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