D-Day 10K Portsmouth – 7th June 2015

Last Sunday saw me take on the Portsmouth D-Day 10K….

I was really excited for this run, simply because my last 10K race was Stubbington a fair few months ago and I was convinced I could obliterate my PB, unfortunately, it was not to be. This was my worst race yet, not because of the weather (it was beautiful) not because of the run (an easish, flat 10k) not because of the company (the amazing Crusaders) 

but because of my god damn, stupid ass, persistent injury! I think the extremely tough speed session on the Tuesday before quite possibly killed it for me. The session involved me beating my 1 mile pb in a ridiculous 7.45, beating my Gosport Golden mile time by 30 seconds in the mile warm up, I was pretty damn happy, and exhausted! The session also involved some pretty awful hill sprints which left my legs in pain for three days leading up to the race. 

Unfortunately for me, during my warm up I noticed a niggle in my leg again and knew instantly it was not going to be a fun race! The first mile went ok, I was running faster than I would have liked to at 8.37, I planned to run the first three at 9. It felt ok, and the second mile although I could feel pain, it was bearable. Getting into the third mile, the heat was unbearable! I managed to spot the press photographer and get my very first decent race pic, which later appeared in the Portsmouth Newspaper, the only smily moment of the race.

It got progressively hotter over the next mile and the one and only water stop wasnt until mile 4! I had to stop and have a proper drink and pour some over me I was burning up! I took the rest with me and I never need a drink on a 10K. I am taking some responsibilty for the dehydration as I had a pretty heavy night of drinking on the Friday night and was probably feeling the after-effects! 

Anyway, the last two miles were hell and my speed and pain got progressively worse, I had to stop and stetch a couple of times. I was met by a lovely Crusader who kept me company on the last mile and pushed me to get me over the last stretch! I was very grateful. 

It really was a horrible experience, I never want to run injured again! It was more painful than running the race for life with a torn ligament!

I finished the race under 59 minutes but when you are expecting between 50-53 I was pretty gutted, but at least I managed to finish and not drop out like I felt like doing.


I am now concentrating on strengthening my lower back and core to try to alleviate my nerve irritation with the plank challenge! You can see how I’m getting on with that at www.instagram.com/fitandnix

Fingers crossed it will start to improve, I never want to experience that again, now I am going back to long, slow runs, it’s much more enjoyable! My body doesn’t like speed!

Until next time,
N x

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