Life begins at 30!



I’m officially in my last day of being 30 so I wanted to take a moment to reflect on a monumental year in my life.

This time last year I was having an emotional melt down at the realisation that life in my twenties was officially over. The reckless drinking could no longer be forgiven, I should now start thinking a little more carefully about what I choose to wear, how I act and where my life is heading. Too busy focusing on the negatives, little did I know that this year in particular would change my life forever.


Life begins at 30

Not only did my actual life begin at 30 but I now understood why this has become a cliché in the first place. You have heard of the mid life crisis? Well, I think for most people, particularly women, 30 is a scary age, we have to let go of our younger more carefree selves and embrace adulthood.


For me, it has taken me to this point to realise I am in fact an adult. I have heard middle-aged people talk of the fact they still feel 18 inside and disregarded it. I now totally get it, as I sometimes still feel like the shy, 18 year old with no direction in life, scared of her own shadow, who needed to consume copious amounts of alcohol just to talk to a boy!


Luckily, I have ever so slightly grown up since my teens and thankfully I think I finally know who I am. I am confident in my own abilities, I can now accept my flaws and embrace them. I now make a conscious decision to surround myself with the people who enrich my life and cut out the negative impacts and annoyances. I know who and what makes me happy and who and what doesn’t, but most importantly, I have finally stopped worrying about what other people think which has given me a new lease of life!


I realised that there is so much more to life than make-up, hair and clothes and that once you let go of your inhibitions the world really is a bloody awesome place!


With that in mind, here’s a tiny snippet of my 30th year, which was, in a nut shell, the year that changed my life!

My 30th year consisted of a Tough Mudder

me - electroshock

two half marathons



and a mud run in freezing January


to name but a few….

I joined a running club completely alone and have now made some amazing friends who all love running as much as me!


I’ve been in the Newspaper twice!



I finished my second year at university with a first, landed myself a dream job in Public Relations and not forgetting the highlight of my year, marrying the love of my life in what I can only describe as a wedding one can only dream of!

giveaway Click the link to see my 30th year in photos!

In the last six months my fitness blog has grown so much that it has given me the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for ASICS, HELLY HANSEN and SPARTAN RACE. As well as networking with sports companies and brands left right and centre, which means I cant move for running freebies, it also allowed me the opportunity to take part in the official Great South Run photocall, meeting my running idol Paula Radcliffe!


The last year has shown me that I don’t need to worry about what other people think, that if I take chances, they might actually pay off. 

I know now I am never too old to take a chance on something new and that it’s never too late to change my direction in life and do what makes me happy! Best of all, I know that if I work bloody hard I will be rewarded!

So, if your facing your scary age, your life has turned upside down for whatever reason or you simply want to make a change, just remember this… now is the time to do it! Life is too short and it is for living now! It is never too late to do what you love or, if you don’t love what you do, find something new!

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited for the future no matter what my age is going to be!

Bring it on world!


Oh and one more thing… I’m also signed up to a marathon!!! Argh! 

Follow your dreams!

Until next time!

N x

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