Times up….



I am sad to report it has been a slow summer run wise, with having my daughter here most of the time I’ve not managed to get out for many runs 😦

After a positive week last week which included one club run and a park run (this is good for me) this week started pretty badly….

With all good intentions and a half marathon and the Great South run looming, I set out on Tuesday to do a 5 mile run before club then the club run as well to up my mileage. The run began quite promisingly, I was keeping up with the speedies at around 8.45 per mile but gradually began to struggle. With a few hills thrown in early on it be and more and more obvious that not only had my fitness struggled but somehow the back injury I somehow sustained around February time was back with avengence. I struggled through the 5 miles at the foot of the group feeling very sorry for myself and with s really lovely group trying to cheer me up and find out what the problem was.
Back at club with a crowd of people waiting to start I decided to opt out of the next one for fear of doing more damage and so I sulked off to my car. Once inside I was fighting back the tears. For the first time since I began running I felt like quitting.

Having tried the exercises I was prescribed from the physio and giving up after they gave me bad back pain I was now at a loss at what to do. Running has now become a chore, and I have completely lost the fun…

I have had to come to terms with the fact I may have to stop running for a while to try to figure out how to eliminate the pain in my leg. This pain is now present most days now and is persistent when I drive so I literally cannot avoid it and running is simply making it worse. I have spent the last 24 hours feeling utterly depressed as without running I don’t know where I would be! 😦

A very depressed

N x


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