This Girl Can and so can you!

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As a huge supporter of the “This Girl Can” campaign I was only too happy to oblige when I was asked to take part in the #OneMileChallenge with the aim of getting more women out there getting active!

The #OneMileChallenge involves running, cycling or walking a mile, it could also include kayaking, swimming or the treadmill at the gym, it really is up to you, and the more creative the better! Once you’ve completed the challenge you simply upload a video of you finishing your mile and nominate three more lovely ladies to do the same. Simple!

To get the campaign started The Running Bug asked us to record our very own videos and here is mine! Don’t forget to watch until the end to see exactly how my very first running mile changed my life for the better!

Don’t forget to hash tag your videos with #OneMileChallenge

Come and visit my brand new website to learn all about me and hopefully get inspired! I would love to see you there!

As always you can reach me at abd

N x




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