After my terrible experience at the running club three weeks ago when I struggled profusely on our 5 mile run and afterwards sat in my car fighting back the tears, I have had a horrible phobia of going back….

Luckily for me I was unable to make it for two weeks as my babysitter was unavailable and so I decided to go back to running alone in the mornings whilst my daughter was back at school. I decided that I would ignore my own best judgement which was forcing me to stop running, and so two weeks ago I managed three runs in one week. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I enjoyed them as I was well aware my injury was still persistent through-out which took the fun away, but I ran, I forced myself out and I ran, which is more than I have been able to do lately. The elation of completely the longest run of 6 miles was short lived as the guilt inside me was burning furiously.

IMG_8327 (1)

Last week I decided to completely stop, and last night after a weeks rest I made the concious decision to go back to club and head into a steadier group as to not kill myself. It turns out it was just my normal group of 9-9.30 pace, and once I started running and engaged in conversations which completely took my mind of the running and the pace, I realised I was actually feeling pretty damn amazing. It may have been the pasta I ate for lunch or the RedBull I drank before I started, but whatever it was I didn’t care! I could run again! What was even more exciting was my leg wasn’t hurting like it was before. I’m not saying its fixed by any means but it wasn’t painful and I actually managed to ignore it after a while. I can only assume that my lack of driving last week and my few and far between back stretches are actually beginning to help.

I was elated after finishing the 5.5 mile run at an average of 9.22 pace, as I have been struggling to stay under 10 for the last few weeks.


Picture1 Garmin splits

I’ve decided to be sensible and take it easy from now, I’m going to do two runs per week, with one hopefully a long slow one and stay away from the speed work and too many hills as the are what particularly aggravates the injury. After feeling utterly amazing last night it has restored my faith that I can actually finish The Great South Run, which is only 4 weeks or so away now! It makes me want to sign up to everything, typical me, getting carried away again!

Anyway, good news is it appears the mojo is back, for how long I don’t know, but hopefully she sticks around!

Until next time

N x

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