Why NOT getting a London Marathon ballot place isn’t so bad after all…


So,  this week the London Marathon ballot results began cascading through our doors and email inbox’s, but, were you one of the lucky ones? Or was it a big fat Spider-Man mag for you?


If your answer was a resounding “No” from the Virgin Money London Marathon then believe it or not there may be an upside, and I’m here to share it with you all!


1 – Whilst all your marathon friends are sipping soft drinks on a Saturday night because they have a long run planned on Sunday morning, YOU can drink copious amounts of wine and relax in the notion that you have a designated driver for the lift home! Cheers!



2 – Whilst all your marathon friends are fuelling their bodies with protein to help ease their achy muscles after training, YOU can fuel yours, guilt-free, with cakes and lots of them! #SorryNotSorry

Girl (12-18 months) at birthday party, smeared with cake, close-up

3 – When all your marathon friends are too tired to function past 8pm due to over-training, YOU can happily stay up past midnight on a school night and still get up for work the next day feeling fresh as a daisy! 



4- Whilst all your marathon friends are out running in the cold winter weather to stick to their marathon training plans, YOU can pick and choose your runs to suit you and chill in your pjs with Netflix when the weather is grim!

People are increasingly watching movies and shows through subscribing services like Netflix and Hulu Plus.


5 – Foam rollers! Enough said.


Still feeling the bee blues? There is always the option of a charity place! Or failing that, there’s always next year! šŸ™‚

N x


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