London rejects!

The London Marathon ballot is over for another year and sadly I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to gain a ballot place. 

I admit I falsely got my hopes up, after day one of the ballot produced all rejections and I hadn’t had one. After the yes’s came flooding in on day two and I still hadn’t had my Spider-Man “I’m sorry” mag,  I began to lose hope. 


Day three arrived and at 11.30am I got a rejection email.


This made the rejection so much worse, and I realised I was again unlucky as I was one of the 50% of London rejects who were being sent an email E-Zine instead of a mag. It felt like double disappointment, and after speaking to a lot of other runners who received the dreaded email I realised we all felt the same! Nice work Virgin! 


What I find really odd is why the email was so delayed, why not send it out on day one and put us out of our misery? Why leave it until 11.30am on day three? Knock it out at 6am on day one and be done with it, it all seems very odd…

Saying this, I have completely made peace with it, I’ve managed my whole life without doing the London Marathon so I think I can manage another year! 

Even the bee on the “Yes” mag didn’t get in! Now that is irony! 
Sod it! I would rather do Liverpool anyway…


N x 
Did you miss out on a London place too? Read my post Why NOT getting a London ballot place isn’t so bad after all…

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