5 fun things to do that aren’t running! 

5 fun things to do that aren’t running! 


Unfortunately as runners we are often plagued with injuries, these injuries often mean we can’t run and are left feeling utterly miserable! 

Injured runner? Well, in the hope I may help you stay sane on your road to recovery, I thought I would share with you 5 interesting things to do that aren’t running and I urge you to try them all!

1 – Rock climbing!


Don’t write it off straight away, the first time I tried this I was utterly addicted! I came to believe I had the upper body strength of a small child my whole lifebut realised once I began attempting to climb the over-hang that my strength wasn’t so bad after all. Certainly something to try at least once!

2 – Surfing!


By far one of the most intense sports I have ever tried. After my first surf lesson I vowed to get a camper, my own board and basically move to Newquay as I loved it so much. As you can gather, that didn’t quite happen but after managing to stand up and surf a wave eventually it’s something I’m massively keen to try again. You won’t believe how warm you are in a wet suit in freezing cold water! It’s outrageous!

3 – Mountain hiking 


Low impact and totally relaxing, hiking is perfect for injured runners providing your injury isn’t too severe. One of the most breathtaking moments of my life was reaching the summit of Mount Snowdon. It certainly wasn’t Everest but it was still pretty epic, definitely something for the bucket list!

3 – Archery!


 A sport I would have usually associated to small boys and school trips, this is something I had my first go at at 31 years old. I can tell you, I wish I had tried it sooner cos it was so much fun and I even managed to hit the target!

5- kayaking!


If you want a relaxing workout (if such a thing exists) kayaking is the one! Again, another new thing I tried just this Summer and I loved it. Paddling around an old wreckage in the middle of the Portsmouth Solent was a hell of a way to spend a beautiful sunny morning! My arms were killing me for a good three days after, maybe an alternative to the weights?


What do you do for exercise when you’re injured? Comment below or tweet me @FitandNix

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Until next time…

N x


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