My Park Run Challenge!

park run

Every Saturday morning after sleeping in way too long I grab my phone and begin scrolling through the many Park Run posts on my Twitter feed and it makes me sad! Why? Because my lazy arse couldn’t make it to Park Run by 9am and now I have to spend all day feeling guilty about it.

All this changed this week when I decided to start #MyParkRunChallenge – To run as many different Park Runs as I can in 2016!

I decided not to set myself up an unrealistic challenge as some weeks it will be impossible to attend, but on every available Saturday I will take part in Park Run! A weekly free, timed 5K which happens all over the country!

This week I was able to start and I began my challenge pretty much where it all started nearly two years ago, at Havant Park Run. This is a particularly scenic, mixed terrain, off-road route at the beautiful Staunton Country Park and with a couple of tough hills is certainly no easy 5K.

I have to admit I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Park Run as I always want to beat my PB and as I usually push myself to the point of vomiting it’s not usually that enjoyable. This week however, after coming back from a persistent injury, I went in with the mindset of just finishing the run without stopping no matter what the pace was.

7.30am I awoke after a really good nights sleep, got ready and set off into the crisp morning air! On arrival I realised just how cold it was as some of the puddles were iced over!

9am and off we went on our merry way, avoiding icy pavements and into crispy mud which was quite fun actually! It was super cold I don’t think I got hot at any point during the run.

31 minutes later and the run was over, I hadn’t checked my pace at all during the run so had no idea what to expect and in the conditions it was totally fine with me. I was 23rd out of 126 women in my gender  so not all bad! I also forgot my barcode! Stupid me!

My Park Run Challenge – Week 1 complete! Now I can go on with my weekend guilt free! Yippee!

Now I just have to decide where to run next week, so any suggestions near or far I would love to hear!

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If you fancy taking on the challenge yourself don’t forget to hash tag #MyParkRunChallenge 😁 and let me know all about it!

park run

Until next time

N x

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4 thoughts on “My Park Run Challenge!

  1. I can recommend the Darley Parkrun in Derby. The course is set in beautiful parkland, there’s a bit of a killer hill which you have to run up twice but you’re rewarded with a downhill run to the finish line followed by a cup of tea in the park cafe.

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  2. Love a Parkrun as you know!! Visiting lots of different ones keeps it fresh and there is something about being a Parkrun tourist. Great challenge to give yourself, hope you enjoy it and maybe see you soon at one.


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