My parkrun challenge – Netley Abbey 

park run

On a misty January morning I got up and got ready for week 2 of #myparkrunchallenge.

My challenge to run as many different parkruns as possible in a year took me to the beautiful Royal Victoria Country Park in Netley, Hampshire, home of the Netley parkrun! 

I left my house with plenty of time to arrive early and with half an hours drive from my home in Bishops Waltham it gave me plenty of time to wake up. 

A few minutes (or so I thought) from the destination and I realised the post code on the website had taken me to the wrong place! After a few queries from the public and another fellow parkrun tourist I was able to get to Netley with fifteen minutes to spare! Result! 


As I turned into the park I was really quite surprised to see a stunning country park full of greenery on one side and the sea on the other! The only word to describe it was “wow” and I figured the rest of the day would go a little better then it started! I even managed to spot a fellow crusader and have a good chat with another tourist on her 50th different parkrun venue! 


9am and the run began, taking me across the park and along the waterfront, into woods caked in mud (naturally) up some quite challenging hills and back down and round again for three loops. 


It was really lovely scenery, the slightly narrow paths meant there was little room for over taking and you had to watch the runners on the left hand side over lap you but because of this I was able to spot Iwan Thomas OBE over take me! It’s not every week you get to see a member of running royalty so that was pretty cool! 


Three laps nearly over and I was on the final stretch back to the finish, with a beautiful building on my right it was a pretty cool way to finish.


A big thumbs up to Netley parkrun, I shall be back again for sure! 


Next week I’ll be taking on Winchester! Come see me! 

Until next week….

N x

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4 thoughts on “My parkrun challenge – Netley Abbey 

  1. I went to RVCP for parkrun yesterday, too – it’s so much nicer when the sun’s out there and you can see the view (although don’t look in the direction of Fawley!) If you come to Southampton, mention it in advance and I’ll look out for you – I’m a Run Director there 🙂


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