My parkrun challenge – Winchester 

park run
On week 3 of #myparkrunchallenge to run as many different parkruns as possible in 2016, I visited the beautiful, historic city of Winchester, only 20 minutes from home and a city I know and love, and recently got married in ❤️❤️❤️❤️  

Winchester parkrun is held at the grounds of the River Park Leisure Centre, really close to the town centre but due to the damn one way system you have to go the long way round. Parking is 90p for two hours, get there early to get a space as it’s very busy with swimming lessons.

Unbeknown to me the Winchester parkrun was very much a trail run course with a fraction of the course run on pavement. I had neglected to find out this fact before hand and stupidly opted for road trainers, this was mistake number 1. 

9am and a slightly hungover Nikki who had given herself fifteen minutes to get up and ready in the morning after a night of too many proseccos and lots of cheese, wasn’t in the best shape for a muddy parkrun.

After meeting some newbies and other fellow parkrun tourists for a really welcoming beginners meeting it was nearly time to run.

It was extremely apparent quite early on that although it was a flat course it wasnt going to be easy. After heavy rain all night the field was caked in sticky mud and so I figured it certainly wasn’t going to be my best performance yet.

It was a lot colder than I had anticipated but thankfully no rain. Three loops of a scenic field and a little bridge and I was slipping and sliding all over the place in my stupid road trainers and at certain points I felt like I was on a treadmill going backwards! 

Finally after a dismally slow run which was probably about the same pace as I had run at my second ever parkrun, I was finished…. and got to have my brand new parkrun wristband scanned! 😀 

Greeted with some flapjacks and other assorted snacks by some sweet teen volunteers 👍


All in all a really nice atmosphere at the Winchester parkrun, scenic route and although I’m not usually the biggest fan of loops I was really happy about the lack of hills. Really welcoming volunteers, really friendly and I will be back again…. in the Summer! 

If you want to get involved in my challenge, follow #myparkrunchallenge on Twitter ! Any parkrun recommendations greatly appreciated! 

Until next time…

N x


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