My parkrun challenge – Southsea! 

park run
Week 5 of #myparkrunchallenge and I visited one of my favourite places of all, Southsea in Portsmouth. Southsea is particularly special to me as I not only have many happy memories spent here as a child but also many memories spent with my own little one (not so little anymore)

No matter what the weather, as soon as I see the promenade I feel instantly nostalgic. For this and many other reasons, I was particularly excited about running my very first parkrun at Southsea! It was also the first week I had some company for my challenge!

It was as cold and as breezy as usual on the seafront this particular Saturday morning, but with no rain in sight I certainly didn’t complain.
After 4 parkruns previous and with my training finally back on track after injury, I got a little too excited at the prospect of a PB, on this notoriously flat run.

9am start and after a perfect beginners meeting it was time to get into the crowd. Thanks to the wind in the right direction I ran my first mile at 8.25 and was gob smacked to say the least! I hadn’t seen a time like that in months! Second lap was 8.45 and I began to get ahead of myself. Then the final lap hit and so did the ridiculous wind and with it my PB was lost! 

The final lap took me down the same route I faced in the Great South Run and all my memories flooded back, they weren’t great memories, it was the toughest stretch I had ever faced.


After the most excruciating final mile I finished the Southsea parkrun in 28.08, two minutes or so slower than my best 5K but it was fine by me, I was just glad to finish.



Regardless of the wind and my lost PB I still really loved Southsea parkrun, it is completely flat but certainly not an easy run in February winds so do not underestimate it! However, definitely  worth a visit!

I am looking for suggestions in Hampshire for week 6, so any ideas feel free to comment below 🙂

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Until next time,

N x



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