London rejects!

The London Marathon ballot is over for another year and sadly I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to gain a ballot place. 

I admit I falsely got my hopes up, after day one of the ballot produced all rejections and I hadn’t had one. After the yes’s came flooding in on day two and I still hadn’t had my Spider-Man “I’m sorry” mag,  I began to lose hope. 


Day three arrived and at 11.30am I got a rejection email.


This made the rejection so much worse, and I realised I was again unlucky as I was one of the 50% of London rejects who were being sent an email E-Zine instead of a mag. It felt like double disappointment, and after speaking to a lot of other runners who received the dreaded email I realised we all felt the same! Nice work Virgin! 


What I find really odd is why the email was so delayed, why not send it out on day one and put us out of our misery? Why leave it until 11.30am on day three? Knock it out at 6am on day one and be done with it, it all seems very odd…

Saying this, I have completely made peace with it, I’ve managed my whole life without doing the London Marathon so I think I can manage another year! 

Even the bee on the “Yes” mag didn’t get in! Now that is irony! 
Sod it! I would rather do Liverpool anyway…


N x 
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Why NOT getting a London Marathon ballot place isn’t so bad after all…


So,  this week the London Marathon ballot results began cascading through our doors and email inbox’s, but, were you one of the lucky ones? Or was it a big fat Spider-Man mag for you?


If your answer was a resounding “No” from the Virgin Money London Marathon then believe it or not there may be an upside, and I’m here to share it with you all!


1 – Whilst all your marathon friends are sipping soft drinks on a Saturday night because they have a long run planned on Sunday morning, YOU can drink copious amounts of wine and relax in the notion that you have a designated driver for the lift home! Cheers!



2 – Whilst all your marathon friends are fuelling their bodies with protein to help ease their achy muscles after training, YOU can fuel yours, guilt-free, with cakes and lots of them! #SorryNotSorry

Girl (12-18 months) at birthday party, smeared with cake, close-up

3 – When all your marathon friends are too tired to function past 8pm due to over-training, YOU can happily stay up past midnight on a school night and still get up for work the next day feeling fresh as a daisy! 



4- Whilst all your marathon friends are out running in the cold winter weather to stick to their marathon training plans, YOU can pick and choose your runs to suit you and chill in your pjs with Netflix when the weather is grim!

People are increasingly watching movies and shows through subscribing services like Netflix and Hulu Plus.


5 – Foam rollers! Enough said.


Still feeling the bee blues? There is always the option of a charity place! Or failing that, there’s always next year! 🙂

N x


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The Ageas Bowl 5 mile Race – 27th September 2015

September came around so damn fast and and I hadn’t taken part in a race since my disastrous D-Day 10K in June. A good few months of injury had left me with a lack of motivation,  general misery and a desire to contemplate giving up running for good. 
After finally listening to the advise of my physio from months before, I began to see signs of improvement to my leg pain. After a surprisingly successful club run on the Tuesday I decided to take the plunge and enter a 5 mile race days before entry closed. The Ageas Bowl 5 mile seemed exciting, it was the very first year it had been run, the finish line was on the grounds itself so it seemed really cool. It was also only 10 minutes from my house swayed me even more. 

It was an early start of 9am so I arrived  just after 8am to collect my race number, free T shirt and the goodies which appeared to be everywhere, which I was thrilled about. I ended up with a T shirt, stress ball and frisbee, random but free! 

With a little time to kill before the start I decided to explore, and stumbled across the impressive cricket grounds of the Ageas Bowl. 


I also spied the finish line, wow! If that wasn’t inspiration I dont know what is!
I was super excited to start the race as we made our way outside to the start line. I really couldn’t have asked for better weather, so far, so good.

The race began really well, we ran across some of the main roads in Hedge End, Southampton, which for some reason I always really enjoy. Unfortunately this was much to the dismay of some of the local drivers who had neglected to acknowledge the road closure signs which had been up for weeks and began hurling abuse at the poor marshalls! Not cool! But, the marshalls remained professional so kudos to them.
Mile one down and I couldn’t believe my luck, 8.34 flashed on my Garmin! I was slightly in shock as it hadn’t felt fast at all, this was amazing news. 

Despite the unexpectedly hilly course, the next two miles went much the same as the first, with the second at 8.47 and the third at 8.43. What was happening? I contemplated the idea that the Zizzi’s calzone and risotto balls the night before were working miracles, or was it the cup of coffee and chocolate macaroon this morning? Certainly not your traditional “runners breakfast” but I didn’t get up early enough to eat so just grabbed the lightest thing I could find, oops! 

I began to flag slightly in the last mile, the constant but gentle inclines had started to drain my energy and there wasn’t much left in the tank. The end was in sight, I was in the last stretch heading to the Ageas Bowl stadium ground. One last hill into the stadium, a sprint finish and the nicest race I think I’ve ever done was complete! I was shattered, but ecstatic. 

Despite the fact I had been averaging 9.30-10 minute miles for the last few months, the unexpected hills on the course which after mile 1 were constant, and the 17 degree September heat, I managed to finish the 5 miles in 44.32! I averaged 8.51 per mile, I was 40th female out of a field of 142 females and position 288 out of 556 people!

 Pretty happy for my first race back in three months. 

 And I got a brand new medal to add to my growing collection!

Big thanks to Perform, Spire, the Ageas Bowl, Hedge End running club and the marshalls for putting on a great race, I will be back next year for sure! 

Next week is the RNLI 10K Portsmouth, so I will see you all then!

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I even managed a personal “Well done” tweet from the lovely Paula Radcliffe my running idol who I recently met and who inspired a post.

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Today is a good day! 

N x



After my terrible experience at the running club three weeks ago when I struggled profusely on our 5 mile run and afterwards sat in my car fighting back the tears, I have had a horrible phobia of going back….

Luckily for me I was unable to make it for two weeks as my babysitter was unavailable and so I decided to go back to running alone in the mornings whilst my daughter was back at school. I decided that I would ignore my own best judgement which was forcing me to stop running, and so two weeks ago I managed three runs in one week. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I enjoyed them as I was well aware my injury was still persistent through-out which took the fun away, but I ran, I forced myself out and I ran, which is more than I have been able to do lately. The elation of completely the longest run of 6 miles was short lived as the guilt inside me was burning furiously.

IMG_8327 (1)

Last week I decided to completely stop, and last night after a weeks rest I made the concious decision to go back to club and head into a steadier group as to not kill myself. It turns out it was just my normal group of 9-9.30 pace, and once I started running and engaged in conversations which completely took my mind of the running and the pace, I realised I was actually feeling pretty damn amazing. It may have been the pasta I ate for lunch or the RedBull I drank before I started, but whatever it was I didn’t care! I could run again! What was even more exciting was my leg wasn’t hurting like it was before. I’m not saying its fixed by any means but it wasn’t painful and I actually managed to ignore it after a while. I can only assume that my lack of driving last week and my few and far between back stretches are actually beginning to help.

I was elated after finishing the 5.5 mile run at an average of 9.22 pace, as I have been struggling to stay under 10 for the last few weeks.


Picture1 Garmin splits

I’ve decided to be sensible and take it easy from now, I’m going to do two runs per week, with one hopefully a long slow one and stay away from the speed work and too many hills as the are what particularly aggravates the injury. After feeling utterly amazing last night it has restored my faith that I can actually finish The Great South Run, which is only 4 weeks or so away now! It makes me want to sign up to everything, typical me, getting carried away again!

Anyway, good news is it appears the mojo is back, for how long I don’t know, but hopefully she sticks around!

Until next time

N x

This Girl Can and so can you!

This Girl Can logo

As a huge supporter of the “This Girl Can” campaign I was only too happy to oblige when I was asked to take part in the #OneMileChallenge with the aim of getting more women out there getting active!

The #OneMileChallenge involves running, cycling or walking a mile, it could also include kayaking, swimming or the treadmill at the gym, it really is up to you, and the more creative the better! Once you’ve completed the challenge you simply upload a video of you finishing your mile and nominate three more lovely ladies to do the same. Simple!

To get the campaign started The Running Bug asked us to record our very own videos and here is mine! Don’t forget to watch until the end to see exactly how my very first running mile changed my life for the better!

Don’t forget to hash tag your videos with #OneMileChallenge

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Times up….



I am sad to report it has been a slow summer run wise, with having my daughter here most of the time I’ve not managed to get out for many runs 😦

After a positive week last week which included one club run and a park run (this is good for me) this week started pretty badly….

With all good intentions and a half marathon and the Great South run looming, I set out on Tuesday to do a 5 mile run before club then the club run as well to up my mileage. The run began quite promisingly, I was keeping up with the speedies at around 8.45 per mile but gradually began to struggle. With a few hills thrown in early on it be and more and more obvious that not only had my fitness struggled but somehow the back injury I somehow sustained around February time was back with avengence. I struggled through the 5 miles at the foot of the group feeling very sorry for myself and with s really lovely group trying to cheer me up and find out what the problem was.
Back at club with a crowd of people waiting to start I decided to opt out of the next one for fear of doing more damage and so I sulked off to my car. Once inside I was fighting back the tears. For the first time since I began running I felt like quitting.

Having tried the exercises I was prescribed from the physio and giving up after they gave me bad back pain I was now at a loss at what to do. Running has now become a chore, and I have completely lost the fun…

I have had to come to terms with the fact I may have to stop running for a while to try to figure out how to eliminate the pain in my leg. This pain is now present most days now and is persistent when I drive so I literally cannot avoid it and running is simply making it worse. I have spent the last 24 hours feeling utterly depressed as without running I don’t know where I would be! 😦

A very depressed

N x